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Our company offers the full range of products and services for Ware House equipment, Food/ Dairy / Beverage machinery & pharmaceutical machinery such as Mixing Vessel, Water System, HVAC & Clean Room, Cold room, Lab equipment which is renewed as one of the leading Importer, Exporter, Supplier and service provider company located in Dhaka. We focus on providing the best solution for the long-term profitability of your enterprise. Our excellent support covers Application consulting service, Installation, technical Maintenance, operation training and support. Our approach to intralogistics is cross-industry and, as an active player in developing its future, we are committed to blazing new trails on behalf of our customers.

Rapid Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, Cone Blender, V Blender, Bin Blender , Bin, Multimill, Shifter, Lifting Column, Vacuum Transfer System, Tablet Press , Capsule Filling Machine, Powder Filling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Capping Machine, Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine, Emulsifier, Tube Filling Machine, Labeling Machine, Autoclave, Dry Heat Sterilizer, Rotary Autoclave, Soft Gelatin Machine, Sachet Filling Machine, Ampoule/Vial Washing Machine, Ampoule, Filling Machine,
Autoclave, Bag Sealers, Bakery and Pasta Machinery, Band Saws, Blentech Machinery, Boilers, Bowl Cutter, Cook & Cool Vassals, Fryers, Gas Mixer, Injector, Labeling System, Lifting & Tipping, Packing Machinery, Vacuum Fillers and Packers, Vegetable Machinery, Washing , Cleaning & Weighting System, VFFS Baggers

Dairy Machinery

Milk Analyzer, Somatic Cell Analyzer, Automatic Milk Collection System, Electronic Milko Tester,
HPLC, Refract Meter, Polari meter, UV –VIS, Spectrophotometer, Melting Point, Apparatus, Tablet Hardness/Dissolution /Friability /Tape Density Tester, Balance, PH Meter, Centrifuge, Stability Chamber, Refrigerator, Laminar /Bio Safety Cabinet, Laboratory Furniture, Balance (Electronic), Beakers, Bunsen Burner, Metal Ware, Teaching Aids, Cleaning / Disinfection / Sterilization, Plastic Ware, Liquid Handling, Pump Systems, Sample Preparation, Heating Units, Refrigerating Units, Centrifuge Systems,
Heavy Duty RACK, Plastic Pallet, Industrial Rack, Reach Stackers

Upgrading Enterprise Facilities

Develop productivity and production, maximize capacity, warehouse equipment to increase storage capacity, automated process for quality maintain, processing protection against damage or contamination and systematically improvements for enterprise are related to this section. Although its quite impossible to discuss all these terms and qualities with some words but also optimize and reduce production costing and speed. So, here we offers different types of services / products and solutions. Our company has a vast range of top quality supporting solutions for upgrading business.

International Supplier

Finally, no matter where you are situated on this planet, you can count on us ! For the past 10 years now, we have been supplying and delivering equipment across verified countries. We look forward in doing business with you.


We are Indenting Latest Automated PLC (Programmable logic Controller) Controlled our latest Pharmaceutical machineries from China, Korea, Japan, European and US Countries.